Air/Convection Cooled ATR Chassis

Convection cooled ATR. Forced air moving across system boards, power supplies and other system components. Moving air absorbs system heat directly from board components which is then exhausted out of the enclosure to the ambient environment. The cooling concept of all Convection cooled ATRs is optimized by thermal analysis.

Unicorn - 3U/6U Air / Convection Cooled

  • Airborne, shipborne and ground deployment
  • 6U High ATR Chassis
  • 6U,upto 15 Slots Card Area
  • 6U (VPX / cPCI/ VME) Backplane Options
  • 1ϕ / 3ϕ AC or 28v DC Input power supply up to 1500w
  • Input Transients as per MIL-STD-704E / MIL-STD-1275D
  • EMI/RFI Power Line Filtering
  • Low weight, ideal for applications where the weight is critical
  • No cable Harness
  • MIL-C-38999 type Connectors for power and I/O Signals at rear
  • Option available with ARINC 600 style connectors
  • Hard mount, Arinc404 and Custom Design options available


  • Built with aero grade aluminum
  • Milled Block Construction
  • MIL compliant MIL STD 810F & MIL STD 461E
  • IEEE 1101.20 Mechanical standards