Board Design

Trident Infosol has a team of experienced & talented engineering professional working towards high speed hardware designs. The team has expertise in the Hardware Board design from 8 bit Microcontroller to 32 Bit architecture & IO such as Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, USB Etc.

The team’s design methodology and design practices yield robust and high quality boards and facilitates high-speed functionality with data rates up to 5Gbps on FR4 & beyond 10Gbps on special materials.


  • Multi-platform High Speed Backplane.

  • High Speed Digital, Analog and Mixed signal board design.

  • Schematics design Using Zuken.

  • Multilayer PCB Layout design: Placement & Routing using Zuken.

  • Signal Integrity Analysis.

  • The team is aware of the MIL standard such as MIL 461, MIL 704, MIL 810.

Trident Infosol has product line for backplanes ranging from VME, CPCI, VXS and VPX. We also offer custom solution based on all the platforms making the end solution wireless, rugged, compact. The data rate on the backplanes have been tested for rates up to 8Gbps and beyond based on our simulation data & practical test using ser-des analyzers.

Trident Infosol have designed & delivered numerous quantities of single board computers based on Intel Pentium / Celeron CPU with all essential I/O’s required for Rugged Portable communication system.

Trident Infosol has the capability to design signal conditioning modules based on custom requirements.