Introducing the all new VNX+ I/O Carrier, VNX+ PSU, and VNX+ System:A New Era of Scalability and Flexibility in Embedded Computing

Trident Unveils among the first VNX+ Solutions for Demanding Applications in Defence, Aerospace, and Industrial Markets

Last week, Trident, an established provider of embedded computing solutions, announced the launch of three products supporting new small factor standard VNX+ (Vita90) : the VNX+ I/O Carrier, VNX+ PSU, and VNX+ System. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to meet the growing demands of defence, aerospace, and industrial applications, offering unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

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The Raptor-VNX product line has expanded with the introduction of the VNX+GPGPU module by Trident Infosol. The VNX+GPGPU module is built on NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™, which delivers up to 21 TOPS and is ideal for high-performance computing and AI in critical embedded and edge systems.

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